Crazy Horse Memorial Monument, “Never forget your dreams"

Black Hills of South Dakota

written by: Mackenzie Hernandez

The Crazy horse monument has been in working process for decades. So far they have the head and the pointer finger. This monument is a Oglala Sioux Indian chief who has fought to stop the Indian removal. He has fought to do what is right regardless of the consequences. I don’t know about you but I say that he was an outstanding leader.

For this his leadership was given a monument for people to remember his work. From 1948 workers are still working on it. Why so long? Well that’s because the rock they are carving from is a hard material unlike Mount Rushmore, this made the progress longer to work with. Sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, never gave up to continue. As he quote, “Never forget your dreams”. This work is a symbolism to never give up no matter how long it can be, just push through. 

In loving memory of Korczak Ziolkowski: 1908- 2014